Since 1908, founded by Robert Slezak – we are a real Czech manufacturer of metal and mixed furnitures.
We use both traditional and moder technologies of production from initial processing of materials to the final product. The main advantage of each product is safe and practical design, reliability, quality of workmanship, easy handling and easy maintenance. The uniqueness of the models of brand Kovonax is given by linking the original design production by Robert Slezak with modern processing technology. Products of the company Kovonax can brighten up any type of interior. For machining of tubes, profiles, circular steel and plates, which are supplemented by plastics, wood and upholstery materials, company uses both traditional and modern technologies such as : fully automated saws for cutting, presses, bending, programmable benders, lathes, milling machines, welding machines, galvanic lines for plating and automatic line for powder coated.

Our own modern technologies encompass the entire process from design through processing to the finished product. We have sufficient technological and personnel background for the entire process of design, production and distribution.

Bending: bending performation 2D and 3D technologies.
Powder coating plant: painting is done on the powder line with a choice of different shades of RAL. In one pegged allows you to simultaneously degreasing, phosphatization, drying and subsequent application of the powder paint coating and continuous firing up to the droop of the finished product
Chrome galvanizing: chrome plating is performed on a fully automated line technology Ni Ni Cr.
Ressing: punching is performed on hydraulic presses from 70 to 100 tons.

Own development & designers services 
Using our chairs, tables, beds, desks, stools, armchairs, helps to the proper sitting, lying and universal utilization along to the ergonomic positioning and clinical care.  Hospital and nursing segment of Kovonax, are especially useful for patients and elderly people to help them to improve the living conditions. In the long term, we also produce other furniture: for example, office furniture, hotel, restaurant, laboratory, dental,  supplies space for learning and culture. We can also deliver a completely atypical orders Bespoke designers or architects (see, for example, Axa chair, designed by designer Rudolf Netík)